A light. A charger. And a great look.

We are proud to introduce a lamp that is so truly unique that it redefines the entire category of lighting. Because The Lamp is about so much more than just lighting. It is also a charging station for your devices. And it’s made with a unique technology that allows for a clean design without the cables and joints that are associated with most desk lamps. But then again, The Lamp is no ordinary desk lamp, it is designed for the modern workspace and to match perfectly with your up-to-date technical equipment.

The Lamp offers Qi charging and USB speed charge for all modern devices like phones or tablets.

Three different light settings offer the perfect light for whatever you're doing.

Just tap the base to switch on the lamp, or to change the light settings.

The Lamp comes in 4 great matt anodized finishes. Silver, Black, Gold and Rosegold.

Have you ever looked for a desk lamp that matches all your modern devices? Now it's finally here